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Roger Carthew,
Green Consumer Products Eco-preneur

In this, my second life I am…

In my previous life I was an old car tyre and a drink bottle…. Just imagine my days travelling the roads of India or New York, or on the lips of Paris Hilton or Angelina Jolie.

My makeover has now brought me a new and happy life…. as a part of the Cameleon Collection.

My rubber backing is made of reprocessed car tyres while the top coating is made up of a mixture of recycled plastic PET drink bottles and virgin polyester.

Solar panels are used to power the printing process, the first in the Southern Hemisphere to do so. Trees are also planted to help offset the CO2 emissions associated with manufacturing this product!

This new Cameleon Collection, by recycling the earth’s resources, is in fact… changing the colour of living.

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